Company vision:We want to become an outstanding IT enterprises, for the global IT development contribution.
Company mission:
If twenty-first Century is Oriental century, which is a Chinese century, so the "made in China" to  "created in          China" must be refined, in order to meet the historic mission.
        Created in China! To stimulate potential, leading the world!           
Net Computere to create,Net Computere in China! Create the times, leading the future!
Our secret culture, realize the value of one:
We think and act according to the following principles:
Wisdom, integrity -- We believe that integrity is maintained: wise enterprises long-term vitality of the                     fundamental. the integrity of the first principles of Net Computere.
We adhere to this principle to treat our customers, partners and employees.
Cooperation, win-win situation -- We believe: win-win cooperation is the enterprise in the intense competitive   environment to survive and develop pillar. Win-win cooperation is the development of the Net Computere.
We open our minds to pursue and practice, and customers, partners and employees win-win cooperation.
Innovation, creation --We believe: continuous innovation is enterprise follow and lead the development of the     times.Continuous innovation is the dynamic source of Net Computere.
We pay close attention to industry changes, the establishment of an effective mechanism to promote the               technology, service,management, thinking, culture, organization, business model, full range of continuous reform and   innovation.
Professional, efficiency --We believe: for the professional spirit of unremitting pursuit, in order to maintain the      best conditionto provide services. The professional spirit is the reputation of the security of  Phecda obtain.
We believe that : outcomes and efficiency will be checking out the real value. Effectiveness is a measure of the         Phecda.
We pay attention to details, emphasizing the professional standards, to refine on services to win the trust and         respect.
Happiness, respect - -We believe in: we believe that: no matter what the situation, the individual must be             respected. Respectfor the individual is a necessary criterion Net Computer our employees to be respected and quick    environment, nature willshow out of my learning, active enterprising will and the courage to take the responsibility..
Happy trigger passion, share the value is maximized embodiment. Happy share is Phecda growth way.
In collaboration with customers, partners and colleagues to share in the process, we grow together, and                  experience the joy of life and work.