• Joining method:

Nationwide recruit Province, city, county three class exclusive agents;

Nationwide recruit Province, city, county three class general dealer.


  • Qualifications for application:

Which has an independent legal personality and certain financial strength;

The company has a good image and reputation;

Identity Xuanji products and marketing concept, and to recommend Xuanji products;

Regional marketing capabilities, with more than three years experience in IT product engineering;

There are certain technical support capabilities, and a person responsible for the sales and maintenance Xuanji products.


  • The company supports the rights and interests protection

1, ensure market: the company in the region to agents, agents available, while adjusting the relation between agent, to prevent   strong goods.

2, the quality assurance: quality in line with industry standards, damaged goods, agents should be in written form within three       days, the company is responsible for replacement.In

3, the company supports:

A ) to provide agents related to the required sales procedures, such as: the business license.

B ) for signing agents gathering channels, provide the regional distributors list.

C ) according to the agents to provide the local market to develop appropriate to the local market action feasible market start         programme, and at any time for the agents to provide guidance and training.

D ) resource sharing, interactive communication, at regular intervals throughout the advanced marketing experience, the timely       transmission of communication in marketing methods, to jointly promote the,Build brilliant.

E )The will provide the signing agents provide a unified VI image design ( POP, terminal publicity materials, business cards         etc. ), convenient market action.

F ) Company in the basic market sales network after forming, on national advertising media ( TV, CCTV, a national magazine )        resources., and planned, step-by-step implementation of advertising, to support throughout the market action, accelerate product       sales.